Holidays, Party of One

Holidays can be lonely in the land of the single person. I remember the first holiday I ever spent alone. I was 21 and living in New York City for the summer (sidenote: ohmigosh, opportunities are wasted on the young). I grew up in a big family, meaning holidays were loud, really loud. So when 4th of July rolled around, it felt weird and downright wrong that I would be spending a holiday alone. I was already incredibly homesick that summer, so knowing that I would be all alone for the fourth did not help things. Looking back, I wish I had just scheduled some sort of activity instead of just moping around like the spoiled young adult I was.

Since then, I’ve spent a few other holidays alone. A couple of New Years while I was getting my MFA, a bunch of Valentines, an Easter or two, and definitely more than a handful of Halloweens (does Halloween count when you’re over the age of 18?).  I’ve learned that planning a few activities to keep you busy and not spending too much time looking at all the fun the social media world is having helps the holidays I spend alone pass by without (many) tears. It also helps that I like myself a lot more in my 30s than I did in my 20s. Points for self-love!

Of course, in the age of social media and apps galore (Meetup for the win), spending a holiday completely alone would be my choice nowadays. And I kind of dig that! Buy yourself a Valentines goody, decorate your own dang eggs, and write a list of all your wishes for the New Year.


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